Our vision is to be the preferred partner for candidates and clients seeking to grow their careers and businesses for shared, sustainable success.


Industry specialists

Our consultants bring years of hands-on experience in each industry. So whether it’s working with Public, Private or government contracts, you can count on a deeper understanding of the unique organizational and cultural requirements of your sector.

Thought leadership

Our commitment to our areas of specialization extends beyond recruitment. It includes partnering with clients, making onsite presentations and advising on industry trends and career management. This participation ensures industry-wide progress and best practices, and we’re proud to play our part in supporting the people we work with every day.


Our consultative approach includes cross-pollination between teams and complementary fields (e.g. banking and accounting) to maximize candidate crossover and career opportunities. This gives you breadth and depth of insight, as well as better access to exciting opportunities and emerging talent.


Sustainable partnerships: we grow with our clients, candidates and colleagues for shared success.

Aim high: we unlock our own potential and that of our clients, candidates and colleagues.

Deliver results: we define what success looks like and are proactive in consistently achieving success.

Enjoy your work: we work to create a company that employees, clients and candidates want to work with.


At Recruitment Arm, we select employees and present candidates to clients based on merit. We actively promote diversity in our workplace. Our philosophy is that diversity creates a balanced, high-performing workplace where we complement each others’ skills. This strong focus has set a solid foundation for diversity to evolve organically in our company.

We employ people with different sexual orientation and cultural backgrounds (Chinese, Russian, British, Australian, Iraqi, French, Indian, American, Italian and Filipino). We also actively support flexible work arrangements with 14% of employees in part-time roles.

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