About Us

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Recruitment Arm provides recruitment support for various industries and various disciplines. We help businesses deploy and run their divisions by providing the top-talented individuals who are committed to success. Our commitment is to understand, adapt, and evolve with our clients when it comes to global trend and market changes. We focus on our clients' core competencies when it comes to their people capital.


Recruitment Arm matches our clients specific people capital requirements with the industry's most talented professionals whether the expertise is in the public/private sector domain. Recruitment Arm suite of service provides stability and strength to our clients business and as well invokes efficiencies by permitting our clients to spend more time on core matters. Recruitment ArmĀ“s extensive selection process yields only experienced, trained, and certified applicants that are task ready when they enter in our clients work environment. We are your partner in human resources and will monitor and advise in how our clients should react to an ever complicated global industry for talent recruiting.